Phyllis Colmar

Profile Updated: November 30, 2018
Residing In Atlanta, GA USA
Occupation Real Estate Investor/General Contractor
Children Dogs
Yes! Attending Reunion

Graduated from Schenectady Community College and headed south to Atlanta after starting a Home Remodeling business. Been there since 77 and achieved success doing in town property for yuppies moving back to the city after the horrors of suburbia. For many years l was the only Female General Contractor and sole business owner. I had two long term relationships with two wonderful women over the years and am now single. Most of my time is spent in dog rescue, working on my home and rental properties and 120 yr old huge historic money pit. I love walking and hiking with my dogs and kayaking with friends. I spend a good deal of time in the mountains at a small guest cabin l remodeled for friends.Life is good and so is my health. Can't ask for much more.

School Story

I was a member of the Arty Bastards so needless to say most funny stories involve smoking pot, eating, listening to loud music and getting the giggles. We never went to the proms but we always decorated them.
Being a lesbian and closeted was a drag so it was a relief to come out right after graduation. First love is a forever memory and l feel fortunate that it was totally positive. The fine arts program was amazing for a high school and really privileged to have Tressa as a best friend and her father and Gilda as art instructors. Linton rocked.